Unserialized Theme Variables and PHP Warning: array_merge Messages

I was receiving the following two errors and I thought taht they were related, but I had no idea how to approach solving them. =(

This first error seems happens intermittently when I load a page from a view and appears on the page when loaded and it has also appeared the admin modules page even though I have error displays off.

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 541 of 661 bytes in variable_initialize() (line 1174 of /includes/

line 1174 is as follows:


Recovering from a FUBAR'ed Theme

I will catalog some techniques for recovering from a completely FUBAR'ed theme. Sometimes when something goes horribly awry with your theme you can no longer log back in and may also run afoul of the too many failed logins problem when the site's scripting is also messed because of a very broken theme. Not a good time. Been there. Done that. Do not want to do it again!