Drupal 7

SSL all the time for Drupal 7 on Dreamhost

I have started to move over to SSL all the time for my domains, starting with my current project - a website for my wife's art @ TVOArt.com which is not out in the public interwerbs quite yet, so stay tuned. So, here is what  I have come up with in order to have SSL all the time on my Drupal sites on Dreamhost.

I think I have figured it out in three steps:


Site Clean-up Techniques

First Thing to Do...

... is to clear your cache. Sometimes that can fix things.

Corrupt Database Variables

You will need to install the Variable Check module or other similar modules (link to module below, also see my post titled 'Unserialized Theme Variables and PHP Warning: array_merge Messages [nid:73]'). Once you have it installed and enabled you can go to the following menu:

Admin -> Reports -> Check System Variables

... or this URL:



Unserialized Theme Variables and PHP Warning: array_merge Messages

I was receiving the following two errors and I thought taht they were related, but I had no idea how to approach solving them. =(

This first error seems happens intermittently when I load a page from a view and appears on the page when loaded and it has also appeared the admin modules page even though I have error displays off.

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 541 of 661 bytes in variable_initialize() (line 1174 of /includes/bootstrap.inc).

line 1174 is as follows:


Clearing Orphaned Actions in Drupal 7

I found the following code to help clean out orphaned actions which  seems to have worked for me. If you have the Devel module installed go to :

admin menu -> Home -> Development -> Execute PHP Code

... and then paste in the following code:

actions_synchronize(actions_list(), TRUE);



'Webform not sending email' troubleshooting

I had a webform that I was testing for this site and it was not sending emails even though it said that the form was completed and sent, so I started with the steps in the email troubleshooting post I had posted earlier (link below). The logs @ admin/reports/dblog had not shown that the webform was completed, but I have no idea if this was supposed to happen. The email logger @ /admin/reports/mail-logger from the Mail Logger module which is mentioned in a link from that same post also showed no email was sent.


3 Ways of Setting the Base URL

This is a repost of something I posted over on the Drupal.com forums:

I have noticed something that I would like some confirmation of and that some might find quite interesting.
There are 3 basic ways to set your Base URL in settings.php


Recovering from a FUBAR'ed Theme

I will catalog some techniques for recovering from a completely FUBAR'ed theme. Sometimes when something goes horribly awry with your theme you can no longer log back in and may also run afoul of the too many failed logins problem when the site's scripting is also messed because of a very broken theme. Not a good time. Been there. Done that. Do not want to do it again!


Password Generation in Drupal 7

I was attempting to troubleshoot an install and I became locked out. I was trying to change the password through My SQL, but it would not work. What I eventually came to find out was that Drupal 6 and 7 use different password hashing techniques:

  • Drupal 6 (MD5)
  • Drupal 7 (SHA512 with salting)