Troubleshooting Printer, email and PDF versions module for PDF and EPub

I was working to install the Printer, email and PDF versions module to add Printer, Email, PDF and EPub versions of content and it was an annoying process. I finally settled down with mPDF and PHPePub libraries but I had issues at different times to get them both recognized. =(

First Run and the PDF Problems

I started with the standard 7.x-2.0 release and had finished installing  and setting it up. I added the block to the theme and I saw the email, EPub, and printer friendly versions, but no PDF icon.

of the module but could not get the PDF version to click. It was seen in the module's configuration screen as such:

PDF generation tool mPDF (sites/all/libraries/mpdf)

.. but was not seen in the site's status page which gave me this error:

Printer, email and PDF versions - PDF generation library
No PDF tool selected Please configure it in the PDF settings page.

No matter what I did I could not the PDF icon to be recognized by the status page. I did some research and did the following to try to take care of it:

  1. disabled all of the associated modules
  2. uninstalled the module
  3. deleted the module's directory
  4. installed the dev release of the module (7.x-2.x-dev)
  5. configured it and added the block

Now the PDF icon showed but the EPub icon was gone. =(

Second Run and the EPub Problems

I had similar symptoms here for the EPub icon.

Its configuration page said it was there:

EPUB generation tool * PHPePub (sites/all/libraries/epub)

...but the status page said otherwise:

Printer, email and EPUB versions - EPUB generation library
No EPUB tool selected Please configure it in the EPUB settings page

This time I tried the save the EPub configuration page without changing anything trick and that worked to have the EPub icon show.