Site Clean-up Techniques

First Thing to Do...

... is to clear your cache. Sometimes that can fix things.

Corrupt Database Variables

You will need to install the Variable Check module or other similar modules (link to module below, also see my post titled 'Unserialized Theme Variables and PHP Warning: array_merge Messages [nid:73]'). Once you have it installed and enabled you can go to the following menu:

Admin -> Reports -> Check System Variables

... or this URL:


Missing Modules

To to this URL:


... and you should see a list of any modules that are missing or orphaned.

Orphaned Actions

I found the following code to help clean out orphaned actions which  seems to have worked for me. If you have the Devel module installed go to :

admin menu -> Home -> Development -> Execute PHP Code

... and then paste in the following code:

actions_synchronize(actions_list(), TRUE);

Orphaned Content Type Fields

To find the list of fields used in your content types and where they are used you can go to the following menu:

Admin -> Reports -> Field List

... or this URL:


I am not exactly sure, but I think you may need the core Field UI module installed to access this report.

If you have fields that are not being currently used and you do not plan on using them in the future, then you may want to consider removing them to cleanup your database. If you want to do so then you will need to login to PHP My Admin and open the following table:


You may delete them from here.