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Clearing Orphaned Actions in Drupal 7

I found the following code to help clean out orphaned actions which  seems to have worked for me. If you have the Devel module installed go to :

admin menu -> Home -> Development -> Execute PHP Code

... and then paste in the following code:

actions_synchronize(actions_list(), TRUE);



Looking for a Virtual PBX Phone System to Replace Google Voice for your Business?

I have 1 business that has run off Google Voice for 8 years and we have not had any problems, but we have expanded into a few other areas, and having a more versatile and extensible phone system seems like a great idea for the preparing for the future. I spent some time comparing quite a few different hosted virtual PBX services (over 15) to find one that may be able to handle the our growing businesses and to possibly offer this service to potential clients too.  I even considered Dreamhost's 1-click install of Open PBX, but was not looking to host and support my own system. I already have enough to do, so, finding a system with a lot of features and was affordable was what I was looking for.


SCALD and CKEditor Installation Problems and Solutions

I had been struggling and looking a good media manager for Drupal. I know this is something that all of us Drupal people struggle with, but there seems to be three main options for media managers. The last of which I just found out about and have chosen:


'Webform not sending email' troubleshooting

I had a webform that I was testing for this site and it was not sending emails even though it said that the form was completed and sent, so I started with the steps in the email troubleshooting post I had posted earlier (link below). The logs @ admin/reports/dblog had not shown that the webform was completed, but I have no idea if this was supposed to happen. The email logger @ /admin/reports/mail-logger from the Mail Logger module which is mentioned in a link from that same post also showed no email was sent.